Sunday, 25 August 2013

Three Plays at the Globe

One of the bestest, ever, really, bestest enjoyments of choosing to teach your own, is that you can choose your own curriculum.

Instance: the trilogy of Henry VI at Shakespeare's Globe.

Fantastic, all 1,2,3.

But I can choose, right? I decided that Shark, Squirrel and Tiger needed to think about the agendas - petty, personal, political and powerful - that swill about at a time of war. I thought, if they are going to be active, thinking citizens and (hopefully) a damn nuisance to someone when the politics of their time inevitably turn to war mongering, then this type of stuff should be high up on their toolkit of essential knowledge.

Or I'm told I could send them to school. I guess so they don't miss out on the essential knowledge their peers are now learning... hmm, what is it essential for the average school child to know? Ahem. The flavours that condoms can come in.

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