Sunday, 5 July 2009

Apology to Stockgrove country park walk-and-talk

The reason the little grits did not show up today at the Butterfly walk-and-talk - which I know would have been 100% instructional and entertaining - was entirely THE FAULT OF MY SISTER IN LAW.

OK, I know I said three days ago, through misty dew eyes, that Aunty Dee was the bestest sister in law EVER. I will say that again except with the qualification that she must learn from this triplet management moment.

Because 30 minutes before we are due to leave this house to attend that fantastic outdoor educational experience at Stockgrove, Aunty Dee produces, contrary to all sense and wisdom, a BUILD YOUR OWN HOVERCRAFT KIT.

The second this kit comes out, complete with batteries and things that go whoosh, all hell breaks loose and my heart and all hope is ripped from my body.

Because at the sight of this electronic wonder the little grits are all breathless with excitement and delirious with joy. Everyone grabs that box to build their own hovercraft and it must be done HERE! NOW!

No matter it is one hovercraft to be shared between three engineers, a four hour job involving three adults, a trip to the Co-op for more batteries, and an inconsolable Squirrel half way up the stairs, rending her clothes, tearing out her hair and screaming her face off because Aunty Dee said it was a sharing present and SHARK TOUCHED IT FIRST.

Building a hovercraft and coaxing Squirrel down from the ceiling is how the entire household passes the next four hours.

Aunty Dee. You are the bestest sister in law in the world, except at Sunday at 1pm when with your good heart, generosity and kind intentions, you unleashed a plague of locusts, the evil green eyed god of triplet jealousy and the end of the world all in my front room. Complete with hovercraft. Which works by 5pm.

Impressive, huh?

My consolation is that right at the moment everyone else was anticipating the joy that was the butterfly walk, it started raining.


Pig in the Kitchen said...

and if i haven't said it before, I must say it again, how the F do you homeschool? It is the 2nd day of the hols here, and i may still have time to run to the corner shop for another bottle of wine...

I am prostrate in awe.

The Green Stone Woman said...

I prostate in awe beside Pig and in front of you and hysterical children and the well built hovercraft. Oh, and Aunty Dee, of course.

Maire said...

I wish i could see my children's traumas through your eyes, I love the way you write about them.

Grit said...

we have to relax, put aside those struggles for parental control and start listening to our children, pig! and i am still working on it all.

but irene, somedays i fail to dress properly, cannot think through what i'm doing, and i do too much comfort eating. so not all deserves awe!

hi maire, let's not celebrate too soon. in ten years time, shark squirrel and tiger may be taking me to court - either that or they will be revenge blogging.