Friday, 10 July 2009

Tell everyone the positive, you miserable old Grit

School is not compulsory. Education is.

Learning about neolithic cutting tools. Feeling the polished stone. Thinking how a smooth, gently curving surface can swiftly cut and chop through wood.

Learning how chalk is made, how it is porous, formed under the sea, and rolling around the sounds, downlands, coombe and winterbourne.

Longing to step inside the coach made for the Film Anne of a Thousand Days. Imagining how Anne Boleyn stepped inside, arranged her dress, clasped her hands, and watched the outside world.

Feeling the width and breadth of a chariot made for the film Ben Hur. Thinking, what would it be like to create a film or write a story that might be seen and read all over the world?

Touching the carved wooden crest of Catherine of Aragon, first wife of Henry VIII. Realising that the hollow shape above the split pomegranate once held a tiny carved crown.

And walking in gardens.

Thank you Stockwood Discovery Centre for supporting our education today.


The Green Stone Woman said...

That's a lot of discovery all in one day. How wonderful! Kind of makes me jealous, just a little bit.

Grit said...

irene, you may have hit upon something - if all adults were to try home educating themselves in a new area just for a week or two they might start thinking what it is like for someone younger? it might even lead some to conclude that school is not compulsory!

sharon said...

Beautiful English gardens.

Incidently, my Mother informs me that she is no longer allowed to call herself English or denote her country of abode as England....WTF?!!