Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Perhaps it's our freedom that Ed Balls doesn't like.

Today, there's a home education group meeting near you. Here's a party of us, and we're meeting up and learning together, without boundaries, tests or bells, over at the Tower of London.

And it's as simple as that.


The Green Stone Woman said...

For you it is. I have to cross the country and the bloody English Channel.

kellyi said...


Have sent you an email about the consultation, hoping you can give me few pointers.

Looks like you had a great day out. Would you recommend it for a five year old?

Grit said...

well irene, you are right there, but wikipedia is a fine start!

hi kelly! i think it is accessible; swot up on your history of the normans and edward I. traitor's gate and henry viii can be explored there too. the gritlets have been castling since a very early age, starting in northumberland, so it's all pretty much unavoidable for them!

kellyi said...

thanks - two useful bits of info here - we are looking at the normans right now, and we are going on holiday to northumerland in a couple of weeks :)