Saturday, 25 July 2009

Which just shows how determined I am

Tra la la! Off we journey to a happy holiday on the Isle of Wight!

We will have loads of fun.

On that, I am determined. And for the journey I have a 12 disc CD, a picnic hamper stuffed with carbohydrates, an assortment of small people, too much luggage, a newly stocked medical emergency kit, and a map.

Daddy Dig is with us too, so I can be cheery. I won't think how he is leaving us tomorrow. For now, he is driving us all to the ferry at Lymington.

Anyway, I don't have time to be forlorn. Because Sexy Wife Grit has done what she normally does when Daddy Dig drives, and that is fall asleep and dribble. The only task then is to wake up, realise we are in the New Forest, see horses, and be delighted at England.

I may face a pile of speeding tickets on my return home next week, but we have ample time for a leg stretch before the ferry, so it's everyone out the car for a walk. I can enjoy seeing a Tiger beside herself with joy faced with the very beautiful wild ponies and their wild pony babies.

In fact I am in such a holiday mood I then pass my phone camera to one of the small people.

Look out Squirrel! The horses are sliding down the hill! They will land in a big heap at the bottom of the New Forest if you carry on photographing them like that.

As usual, fate intervenes to try and make Grit miserable where a car journey, Dig, and her children have all failed. Half way up Squirrel's hill, the heel of her sandal drops off.

I shall not be thwarted. I am determined to enjoy the lovely stroll in the New Forest. Solution. Pull the other heel off as well. That way, I might make it back to the car and still look normal, rather than the only idiot for miles around who wears one heel to limp across half a mile of forest.

Now let's hope there are no more disasters in store. And if there are, of course I shall smile! Onto the ferry that will not sink!

Oh dear. If I wasn't quite so determined to make it to the Isle of Wight with a smile still attached to my face when everything else has dropped off, I might sour the holiday mood on noticing this particular stowaway emerging from Squirrel's luggage.

But I simply say, Squirrel! You have brought Dolly! How lovely! Now every day on the Isle of Wight I can see her lovely face!

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