Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Grit awards herself 10/10 for organisational skills

It's one of those days when I bet you wish Grit was your Business PA.

Because thanks to Grit's super efficient organisational ability with a computer, clock, and diary, I am picking up Big Kate from California at the titchy Sandown railway station on the Isle of Wight this afternoon.

Howabout that!

Not only can I support a week's home education from a discount chalet on a hill arranged less than one week ago, I can also schedule in an overseas visitor with jet lag to share with us the delight that is Dinosaur Island!

Grit is swelling with pride about this because normally she is a messed up old bag who doesn't know what day it is.

All I can say is that it must be the invigorating air on this lovely island.

In fact Grit is so smart about maximising efficiency, coordinating labour, and managing the best efforts of all our team players, I set Big Kate off looking for fossilised turtle shells on the beach at Fort Victoria.

We can't find the bloody things. Despite being told you can pick them up like shells. And neither, incidentally, have we eye-spied any native British red squirrels, which are apparently bursting out of this island by the bucketload because the evil grey murderous ones haven't invented inflatable dinghys. Yet. So Big Kate can look for red squirrels too. And add the dinosaur prints near Brook. Put those on the list. And some neolithic flint tools would be a neat find, Big Kate, if you wouldn't mind looking.

Which is more or less what she does.

Here she is, all the way from California. Looking.

While Big Kate is maximising our efficiency by Looking, the rest of the team players have fun mucking around on rocks, digging holes, swinging on interesting trees and trying not to fall off cliffs.

And so long as a Business PA is not actually judged on their ability to find turtle shells, red squirrels, dinosaur footprints and neolithic flint tools - because we find none of those things after Big Kate spends most of four hours staring at the ground - then Grit could just have found herself a whole new career.

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