Thursday, 9 July 2009

But it's difficult concentrating on blowing things up

The morning was spent taking Shark, Squirrel and Tiger to a science workshop for some twenty home ed kids where, through active experiments, they explored low pressure wind patterns, combustion, sodium polyacrylate, and Bernoulli's principle.

When we returned home, I should have been laughing, throwing the beach ball about over the hairdryer, ripping apart nappies, and blowing up icing sugar.

Instead, I went back to worrying and working over the Badman review. So my kids lost the two hours I wanted to spend with them working through some of those science ideas.

For that alone, you can fuck off, Balls, along with your little goat friend.

On the plus side, higher resolution cards, which should support the campaign nicely. Thank you Dani.

Aware that I could have handed out a dozen cards already, we rekeyed the text, kicked out the vicar and put in a tennis coach and sailing instructor. They're ready for the printer.

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, these cards form part of a national campaign to raise your awareness and inform our MPs.

Contrary to the crap you may have previously read in the newspapers - written by people who probably don't home educate and have gobbled up that government spin - we can tell you that a decision to home educate, home school, flexi school or refuse a school place for a three-year old on the basis that they are TOO YOUNG, does not mean that you are any more likely to beat, abuse and psychologically damage your offspring than anyone else.

Actually, according to the statistics, there's less of a chance of child abuse in home educating families.

And if you fancy home educating your child, have no doubt that there are some very strong social networks around running some great outings, activities, and science workshops.


Kelly Jene said...

Yikes, sounds like there are some serious issues going on. Good for you for speaking up and fighting for your kiddos and your rights!

Grit said...

hi kelly jene! thank you! there are thousands of home educators out there in the uk doing the same, so we may be diverse, but there is strength in numbers!