Saturday, 5 December 2009

Clinton's know nothing of the competition, but they will be bust by the 25th

Christmas has started round Grit's. Shark, Squirrel and Tiger have taken over the Christmas card production line with the glue and glitter and stick-on stars.

When the cry goes up More glitter! I don't know where the glitter is because I don't where my brains are. We are ankle-deep in 14,359 cards. That would be fine but we are sending 3.

Two hours further in, I call a moratorium. I lay my hands on the table overflowing with paper and glue and glitter and pens and I whisper let's consider the year we made the Christmas cards, put them in envelopes, and they sat on the hall table till August. I cry Let's stop for a moment and consider our goals!

There are tears. But we are talking life on the edge. With this unstoppable card making enthusiasm, I may die, and soon. My palms are sweating, my mouth is dry, and my heart is beating so fast it could take off up the motorway and not stop till it looks round at Leeds and wonders where the lungs went.

And this is just the start. We have yet to put up the Christmas tree, find the tinsel, and renegotiate world peace. And on that one, I strongly suspect the yellow bauble may be involved.


Sam said...

You never know, it could all go smoothly ;-)

katyboo1 said...

I got terribly enthused by Kirstie's homemade christmas this evening and promised the children we could do salt dough decorations. I must be crazy insane. The only upside is that my rare acquiescence made them stop pestering me to let them do glass blowing. Yikes.
I have banned glitter too this year. We are doing stickers on our cards. Stickers and scowling.
You are brave.xx

kellyi said...

I thought you sounded a tad hysterical in your comment the other day, now I know why.....

Rachel M. said...

Ha! Someone has to write out addresses and notes that will dwindle to "Merry Christmas" by the time you are done!

Rachel M. said...

Also, the card posted is lovely. I really like the gritlet's sense of randomly placed objects.

sharon said...

If only I had known, you could have sent them to me Grit. I have a room full of card-making supplies including glitter in just about every shade known to man!

Glowstars said...

Sounds like you need to channel that creativity elsewhere - have you tried making Christmas tree baubaules - polystrene balls, lots of pins and sequins and small beads. Keep em quiet for hours.

Grit said...

it could sam, it could.

katyboo, we did salt dough decorations a few years ago, and even made boxes for presents! howabout that! lots of salt, hard baking, and you can insert stuff like beads, stones and broken mirrir tiles in them before baking. coloured salt dough better than plain, imho. you've set me off now.

kelly, it's just the start.

you are right, rachel! the first card is beautifully done, but by the time we make card 125 it's a bit of crumpled paper adorned with wax crayon scribble. but throw it out? at my peril.

sharon, they're on the next flight out.

yes to baubles glowstars! (but no to pins. Squirrel is a dab hand with the pins. my backside landing on the sofa can testify to that.)