Thursday, 24 December 2009

I bet Sarah Brown doesn't wrap presents in the nude

The eco squad will know that Sarah, the PM's wife, uses old newspaper to wrap presents for Gordon and co.

Old copies of the Torygraph might work for Sarah Brown, but using the two foot pile of old newspaper has been a ruddy disaster round here.

Overlooking the fact that I managed to secure a selection of pubic hair under the festive sellotape, I also made the horrible error of wrapping Squirrel's fairy outfit book in a double page spread on execution around the world.

I then followed that by wrapping Shark's family scrapbook in a feature on the slaughter of minky whales by Japan. Including full colour pictures of dismembered whale corpses.

On the other hand, the newspaper wrapping approach saved me £1.


sharon said...

Hmmmm ;-) I have a friend who turns her old magazines into envelopes. . .

MadameSmokinGun said...

I hope Gordon Brown doesn't do anything in the nude. I feel queasy.

Heather said...

I'm trying to come up with ways in which you managed to get your pubic hair selotaped to your daughter's Christmas present and failing. I think we need diagrams.

emma said...

No, we do NOT need diagrams. Lordy!

I bet Sarah brown only uses the Guardian, or the Independent if she's feeling risqué.

You are _supposed_ to hoard all of last year's wrapping paper and use it again next year, forcing everyone to open neatly rather than ripping so that the paper can go round and round again. That practice well predates greenery, and is probably a WWII make-do-and-mend special.