Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Just saying, if you know us, you get a felt brooch

And if you want a felt brooch hand made by Squirrel, Tiger or Shark, get in touch.

We have plenty.

With thanks to Gillian Gladrag for the prompt delivery of felt, book, and ideas.


Sam said...

Lovely felt deliciousness! Lucky people who know you - but that goes without saying ;-)

sharon said...

They are lovely Grit. What clever girls you have ;-) You should get them started on bags next. The off-cuts could make those insoles for your shoes!

Heather said...

look...erm...interesting. what a shame I don't know you in RL

MadameSmokinGun said...

I love them. They look like what I see when I shut my eyes.

Grit said...

folks, if you want one, send a postal address to we send until the bag runs out.

you can state a colour preference; most are star and flower shaped.

i promise not to keep any mailing address, nor use it for hate mail, nor sell any address to a catalogue company offering bargain beds at 50% warehouse price.

unless you want me to.

we expect nothing in return; you can call it a christmas present from the grits. we will call it an education, stick up a world map and see which countries we can send to. No pressure SHARON! x

Grit said...

um... to gritsday at gmail dot com

sharon said...

Ok already!! I'll send you my postal address and you can surprise me ;-)