Thursday, 31 December 2009

How time passes

Hey, cute little kids! This is your year! Remember all the fallings out and slamming doors and growing ups? Remember all the whispers behind your fingers held against daddy's ear, feeling his prickly beard rub against your hand? Remember holding his hand tight when the big dog came by? Remember mama shouting Pasta! Or laughing so loud she thought her sides would split?

Remember the night we found astronomers in the field, history in the mud, geology in the shopping centre? Remember how we watched dolphins in the bay, the play in the park, the butterflies in the flowers?

Remember the first time you entered the carving workshop filled with smells of timber and woodsmoke; the long walk to catch a glimpse of baying deer lumbering through the woods; how you combed each sand grain on the beach in search of ancient turtle shell?

I remember our first night camped in a field; the fire, sparkle and crackle of Hallowe'en; your excitement of snow, falling silently over the day and the night.

I want your new year, your every year, to be filled with discovery, sudden joy, strange happenings, new knowledges, and all delight.


sharon said...

Even the crappy bits are worth a return like that. Here's to 2010 being kinder to us all. And copious amounts of what you fancy for when it isn't.

me said...

Hi - I'm a bit late with doing this but am just letting people know that I have added their blogs to the Blog For Victory!! blogroll :) If for any reason you would like your blog removed from this roll please let me know and I will take it off
Thanks, Mandy :)

p.s. Lovely post :)

Heather said...

your children always seem to be doing fun and exciting things. i find you very inspiring.

Lisa~Anne said...

How lovely!
Happy New Year to you all!

Grit said...

hi folks! thank you for your lovely words, and happy new year!

Ellie's Treasures said...

Happy New Year Grit! Lovely post - put a smile on my face. Elaine