Friday, 18 December 2009

Would you like to go to school, girls?

It was supposed to be a day that I went Christmas shopping alone. 'I'll go another day' I said hopefully to Dig's hunched body, bent over a computer in the office. I won't. I would have to wait until darkness, distract the children, then slip out of a bedroom window. I would adjust my beard after climbing down that swinging rope. Before you could count to ten I would be in that car, zipping down to the shops, child free.

Because what do home educated parents do with their children in these final shopping days? When the online delivery fails. When I have left it too late for the roundabout collection. When the clock is ticking and Borders is marching to a final destination at half-marked price? What do you do when you cannot shake them off, when the babysitting service has a deadline to meet, when the cupboards are full and anyway, have no locks?

This is the time of year when it always strikes me. School is an excellent idea.


sharon said...

A valid reason indeed lol!

kellyi said...

This is my first christmas with all four at home and it is a nightmare to get the shopping done! How have you done this for so many years?

alison said...

I just leave mine at home now :) We also have nearby grandparents so that has helped in previous years.

Hannah said...

I find the method of directing C to things he's into at the shop while I tell him I'm going to look at something boring and girly works well. Although I appreciate that'd be harder with more children.
I've scared a few shop assistants with my urgent hiss/whisper to please scan and wrap this before C comes round the corner and spots it!