Monday, 21 April 2008

But mummy! They are so cute!

Paradise Wildlife Park. We're all going to come back for ever, squeals Squirrel. Because look who lives here! Baby meercats! Red pandas! Snow leopards!

I have nothing to add to the bursting delight that this visit brings about in Shark, Squirrel and Tiger. Apart from No. You cannot have a snow leopard. No. you cannot have a lion. No. You cannot have a wallaby. Eventually they grind me down to something that sounds like, I will think about a tortoise. My mouth is saying that but my brain is saying Not bloody likely.


Brad said...

Red Panda knows how to live. I admire that guy.

Grit said...

and I admit it, they're quite cute, too.

Suburbia said...

I haven't been anywhere like this with mine for ages, Tall Girl has sort of grown out of these places which is sad because Small Sprog is still only 8. Thanks for reminding me that I must find time to take him, besides I enoy it just as much as they do!