Sunday, 6 April 2008

Was that a difficult few days ahead?

Dig has had enough of Squirrel shouting 'I'm leaving this family'. He is calling her bluff because he has booked her in, for three days, here. And Squirrel starts her big adventure this coming Friday.

Since the news exploded at 10.02 this morning, Squirrel has rocketed to cloud nine. She is at my elbow every fifteen minutes tugging my sleeve and begging to pack. Shark's jaw dropped at the news before she reassembled her thoughts and demanded seven days on a water sports holiday, with snorkeling. Then in less time than I can take an inbreath, Tiger staked her claim for a week at the local stables on the basis that if Squirrel can go, so can she.

Grit, reaching for an early morning brandy, would prefer a bit more bomb damage all round. And probably a few months warning, so she can steady her nerves properly. After all, this is the first time I'll ever be parted from my little Squirrel for more than a few hours at a stretch. I have never done an overnight watch without her presence, breathing deeply and snuffling sometimes, wrapped up in her pink fairy cotton duvet in the room close to mine. I can check on her at midnight and know in the darkness she is safe.

Then Dig turns to me and says, as if by the way, he is leaving on Tuesday because he has to talk to important people in the South, and he'll be back Saturday. That leaves me to take Shark, Tiger and Squirrel on a three hour drive to the adventure location, drop Squirrel off, then drive home with the other two, try not to weep so hard and better book a Travelodge for Thursday night because otherwise everyone has to get up Friday morning at 5.30am. Don't forget to sort out her bedding and here's the telephone number.

And I'm telling Squirrel I am very happy too and she will have a lovely time.


Brad said...

Ahem - And what lavish resort will Dig be sending Grit to when all is said and done with the little grits adventures ? I think it's only fair and proper. A Carribian beach perhaps ? Cozumel is quite nice. The have real cabana boys who bring you drinks as you sit under your umbrella on the beach.

Kelly Jene said...

Aw, poor mummy. I know the feeling. I have been away from my babes a couple times and its heart wrenching. I'm known to call and check on them even during the most romantic of dates with the husband.

I agree with Brad, though. When's your holiday?

the mother of this lot said...

You are already far too up on units this week to be reaching for an early morning brandy.

Here's the deal - Squirrel will have a fantastic time. You will have possibly the worst three days of your life, but will soldier on gaily with the others pretending you are the life and soul of the party.

That's being a mum, kiddo. And bloody good at it you are too. Chin up. Don't let the side down now.

Trevor said...

Umm... I don't think you should let here go. However it would be a shame to let her ticket go to waste and so, just to help, I'd be happy to go in her place. Oh sure, I may look a bit silly trying to drag my almost 40-year-old carcass over an adventure course but I'm prepared to make that sacrifice for Squirrel.

Wish I lived in your family...

Trevor said...

Her! Let her go.


Potty Mummy said...

Could he not have booked all three of them in (to separate places, obviously, I quite see the wisdom of giving them the chance to go it alone)? Then you could have gone somewhere gorgeous too. Men.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

My eldest (same age as yours) is going away for a night on a school trip in May to some western part of france. I'm not looking forward to it either...and it's only for one night, a whole week? you'll be a wreck, time to get the beer in

Mean Mom said...

You and Squirrel will both miss each other, but have a great time catching up when she gets back.

That 3 hour drive sounds like a bit of a nightmare, though. Best of luck with that.

the mother of this lot said...

You're not at that brandy again are you? Come and get an award to cheer you up. You'll find yours in the 'Friend' section on the second floor. Half price.

Milla said...

Goodness, I feel exhausted reading back through the last few (have been mainly off line since it's the school holidays).
A few points leap out.
PGL - most terrifying week of my life, was in a tent with a horrible girl and my erstwhile best friend. Steep learning curve. maybe she'll return so grateful to be back that it'll be worth every penny. Always look on the bright side. ANd mine was in the 70s when it was doubtless far more sink or swim. Needless to say, I sank.
YOu say "too poor and too mean ..." is the state option no good for you? Ours are state and it's great. All reading by Christmas in Reception. Having said that I admire you greatly but a walk in teh park it aint.
There was another point but I can't remember it.
Keep smiling. Remember, it's NEVER too early for a quick glass.

OvaGirl said...

All I could see were the words three hour journey. Can you get yourself one of those little bottles with a very long tube that can be taped to the side of your mouth? Or a big bottle, whatever.

Kelly Jene said...

I hope all is well with the family. Wishing you a happy day!

Grit said...

hi Brad, i would like to think i could go travelling somewhere nice, better than a travelodge on the A49. i may just have to dream.

i agree kelly jene ... and we are now very close to the post office visit!!!

hello motl. i am coming over to your blog next for some moral fibre. (and i promise to pick up the award when i have time!)

hi trevor. after 15 minutes in this family you might want to reconsider your options...

yes potty mummy, we are starting to plan this in for 2009!

hello pig, i do not know why i feel such a pathetic wobbly. i hope your eldest enjoys their time away and that you do not suffer!

thanks mean mom!!

OMG Milla OMG the worst week of your life!! OMG what have i agreed to??!!! (er... apart from our local state school being under special measures, I'm rather stuffed thanks to a small matter of an ideological commitment to HE as the best private education available. oops.)

hi ova girl! do you know, one of those came into my mind... i'm not sure how I would explain it to the traffic police though.