Saturday, 5 April 2008

Medical help

Like Kate, Pete and Naomi, I am in rehab.

In my case, but probably not Kate's, rehab means a thunderous headache, three cups of strong black coffee, two aspirin and muttering F*** Off under my breath after the postman crashes about in the lobby, knocking over the milk.

I could be seriously ill of course, and may hit the cyber medical help. There may be no other way.

I am sure it is not that yesterday I overindulged.

I know that driven on a road to nowhere in an excess of misery and despair I may have started about lunchtime in a Pizza Hut with a quarter bottle of red wine. I had never been in a Pizza Hut before. I may never go again. Better make it a celebration and farewell, just in case.

Come tea time I recall it was a bottle of beer because I didn't have time to put the kettle on, but the bottle opener was to hand.

And then Mister W and Ellie came round for supper. This was just about the best thing to have happened since I had a lovely warm forgiving hug from Tiger, with her big-eyes-look which says 'Don't worry mummy, I will be able to read the word Mad again next week'. Anyway, both events obviously required celebration.

And Mr W and Ellie brought round wine. And this.

That's right. It's an enormous banana cheesecake thingy with extra rich caramel sauce.

Now my headache might be their fault with that, don't you think? Anyway, after they'd left I began to feel sorry for myself again, so finished off the day with a small whisky.

Reasonably speaking, my need for rehab could not be the concoction of alcohol, because just before bedtime I downed a pint of tap water. It tasted vile. Perhaps it was that.

And this morning I woke up with a headache the size of France.

I am going to click through to cyber doctor, to find out what might be the cause.


Michelle said...

Oh my! That's one delicious looking cheesecake. Any left?

My brilliant plan last night of leaving the car at the restaurant and walking home so that I could indulge in some of the alcoholic stuff did not seem so great at 7am this morning when I had to walk out and collect it in time to go back home and take Marcus to the station to catch his train.

You just don't know true suffering.

Mean Mom said...

You have my sympathy! I suffer from migraines with dizziness and frequent vomiting. Oh joy!

On a lighter note, there is yet another award waiting for you at my place, when you are feeling better.

Brad said...

Mouth watering over cheese cake - Must find cheese cake...

Chocolate milk is my personal hangover remedy. Hang in there girl.

dragon boy said...

ahhh, it was the water that did it......or as my dad would say, it must have been a dirty glass. maybe the water was in the dirty glass, i'm sure that would have been it....x

Pig in the Kitchen said...

you know when in doubt you should always blame the French for everything. I'm convinced it's their fault you have a hangover, sorry, illness.

I can really understand the not having time to make a cup of tea, but definitely having time to uncork some alcohol; it's so much quicker.

My sympathies.

Frog in the Field said...

You drank water? No wonder you had a headache!

Grit said...

hi michelle! i forced ellie to take the rest home with her. this was self sacrifice indeed, but last time she left that cherry brandy thing which was possibly the bestest thing i have ever tasted. i had to put my face right in it.

hi mean mom! i am sorry to hear of your migraines; i do not know why they exist. what good can come of them? i am deeply honoured by another award, and will, i promise, come over to collect it soon, when i can remember how to display it properly. i would like to pass it on but will need a few days to think about it.

hi brad. you need ellie to come and stay with you. she makes very rich and delicious puddings.

that's it dragon boy! it was the glass! thank goodness for that!

hello pig, i am convinced you are right. i know there is an alliance francaise in australia, which is where the wine came from, and that explains it.

hi frog in the field. i agree. the water round here is definitely Off.

Kelly Jene said...

That cheesecake looks a little too divine.

I sure hope you're feeling better!