Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Photoblog, Wednesday

OK, let's drop the pretence of anything remotely educational because I take Shark, Squirrel and Tiger to a Home Education event where they spend the day doing these activities:

Of course being trendy home educators, we can call all of those activities educational. Including eating the ice cream afterwards. And for everyone else, let's call it socialisation and PE.

But no work gets done. So I'll count that as a day of no achievement for the bank balance.


Kitty said...

I'm not a trendy home educator, but I think all that stuff truly IS edcuational. Good for you - I admire you enormously for taking on the task. x

Brad said...

They really are adorable girls. And such long hair. You must have hair brushing tramas. I remembeer my sister going thought that fight with Mom & the hair brush

Mean Mom said...

They would have days out if they were at school, plus school camp and stuff. Nothing wrong with your trip at all. Good idea, in fact.

Grit said...

you all make me feel emboldened. i shall be taking them off in a caravan in a field next and calling it art.

and the hair is Torture. (Did you note that capital T?)