Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Life is so unfair

Dig goes away and, bang on time, my computer crashes. I stare at it, possibly in shock. I punch keys. Nothing happens. There is a black screen and that is that. I feel like someone has chopped off a limb.

I am only back online now because I have remembered there is a computer in the front room. I'm not surprised I forgot about it. This computer is bright green and has a funny screen. It belongs to the children and is covered in pictures of unicorns and dinosaurs. Worse, they seem to have done away with the keyboard and mouse and have some strange tablet thing that I cannot use.

I have my wits about me. I lie. I say their computer is broken and I must mend it. This is cunning and works for five minutes, then Shark creeps up behind me and sees me getting into my blog. Now Tiger says I must stop mending their machine in case I break it. Squirrel uses moral pressure by saying now she is learning to read with Starfall and I must not hog the computer because I am denying her the only chance she might ever have.

Damn. I have been outwitted by a computer and three 8-year olds again.


the mother of this lot said...

I suppose I will cop for the blame seeing as I introduced Starfall?

Grit said...

yes, motl!