Thursday, 17 April 2008

Photoblog, Thursday

Success! Mummy Grit puts her tripartite day into action! First she is a mummy and does the grumbling, shouting and putting on the dishwasher and laundry.

Second, she works in the office and has a big loud grumble about that. Honestly. Does an ISBN number really have to be in 24pt? I don't think so. But the idiot editor says that it does. So it is. And crap it looks too. Then there is the heading that reads Where have we come from and where to from here? This is a scholarly journal, by the way, and not a book on orienteering. And a heading like that doesn't look that good in Minion Pro Bold at 48pt.

Anyway, next I take Shark, Squirrel and Tiger to an activity where they will muck about and pretend to learn stuff on frogs and toads, courtesy of some local frog and toad experts. Unfortunately, this clashes with the Gym and Trampoline lessons down at the sports centre, so we miss those.

Squirrel and Tiger making frog badges. I am not sure what education is going on here, apart from how to get your pipe cleaners to glue onto cardboard. Materials Science, perhaps.

Shark, experiencing what it is like to be a frog. If we had a tape measure this would be a good maths lesson in How far can you jump before falling off?

Live toad and frog action, with someone who sounds like he knows what he's talking about.

See? I bet you thought this home education lark was just a cover so mummy Grit could lie around on the sofa watching daytime TV, drinking beer, and sending the kids off down the chip shop.


Potty Mummy said...

What - it isn't a cover for that? How disappointing...

Mean Mom said...

Yes, I did.

I've made comments on some of your earlier posts, too, just in case you miss them. What do you mean, you don't care?

Elizabeth said...

Come on--admit it that the HE day was the day after the 'normal' day!

the mother of this lot said...

Can you explain this e-mail?

MOTL, please come round. Mummy is lying on the sofa watching daytime TV, drinking beer, and it looks like we're having chips for tea again. Love Squirrel, Tiger and Shark.

Kelly Jene said...

Of course it's not a cover for lying on the sofa watching daytime TV and drinking beer.

It's for kicking back in the computer chair, reading blogs and drinking latte's!!

Love all the pictures. Your girls are so pretty!! And they do at least appear like they are having some educational fun. ;)

The Lehners in France said...

Hi, I called in via mean mom. I Love the photo of the "spacehopper."
My only sporting achievement to date was winning school sports day on a spacehopper. As for "frog Action" Theres certainly a lot of that over here at the moment. Debs

Angela said...

I love the pictures!!!!!

Pig in the Kitchen said...

spooky, i've just had a call from some animals, squirrel, shark and tiger I think, begging for help. They'd got my number muddled up with Childline. It's all in the last digit.
Apparently they were fed up with eating chips and beer for their tea.

Grit said...

ok folks, i admit it, i've been busted, and the bluff didn't work.

now who's got a fiver for the chippie?