Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Parent or teacher

Grit has moved out.

She has packed her books, notepads, pencils with fluffy tops, spare socks and favourite cushion, and is considering buying a storm kettle.

This is her new house.

I know it looks like the children's Wendy house. That's because it is. The Wendies do not use it and my needs are urgent.

Best of all, these miniature beings who tear around my once-owned house like war lords in a battle zone have not yet discovered my secret take-over of their distant, ungoverned lands. And while they are in ignorance, I am purchasing padlocks.

This is my plan. When the wars start raging in the Pile and the educational edifice I have tried so carefully to construct is all blown to bits, and with it my hopes, shredded and scattered, then I am slipping away here, in self-exile. I shall stay here in secret hideaway until everything is once again calm and I can return to the country and talk about fractions without getting my head blown off.

While I am in my place of refuge and sanctuary, I may well consider what sort of mother takes herself off down a Wendy house with a storm kettle and a cushion.

Probably one who is being slowly and doubly-murdered by the twinned and conflicting needs of parenthood and the overwhelming and inexplicable urge to teach fractions.


Mean Mom said...

I always have a small suitcase packed, in readiness for times of desperation and frustration, but I can never think of anywhere to go. Do you have room for one more? Shall I bring the beer?

Minnie said...

Make that two..and I'll bring the wine:o))

I have Son no 1 and hormonal girlfriend arriving tomorrow for a weekend stay and they'll probably argue constantly!! Not that I am an unfair or anti-social mother in law:o))))) ...but she never washes up, tidies up after herself and hardly speaks to me.

Hmphff...it was MUCH easier when they were younger. Girlfriends just muddle their brains and do my head in. Ack!

Brad said...

It looks quite cozy. I had to look up 'storm kettle'. Jay will be giving me 'that look' when mine arrives - couldn't resist. I've never seen them in the states

minnies comment gave me a chill. It just ocurred to me what will be happening at the pile in about 8 years. eek!

Angela said...

Oh I love that little house! How fun!

Michelle said...

In a blazing row a few years ago I declared myself to be moving out and M retorted that he wasn't going to let me take Clo. My response was that I hadn't been planning on taking her!

Obviously I'm still here. Quite like them both really :-)

Potty Mummy said...

Your bolt-hole sounds lovely and peaceful. You may have started a trend...

(You didn't mention it yet, so rather than being without, I will bring the chocolate. Obviously).

Kelly Jene said...

I'll be on the next flight out! I so hear you. I wish there was a Wendy house out back.

Take care and stay warm.

Mae said...

The little house look like a good fun place to be.

the mother of this lot said...

If you dragged a couple of those skips from behind the Co-op over, you could rig up some sort of extension to the property and we could all come.

You could even offer rooms for rent.

Oh, Grit, I see an excellent money-making opportunity here. It just needs a little thought.

By the way, what do two fifths and three eights make?

Grit said...

i think we could have quite a party down the wendy house. i'll just rig up the sound system and we can all be like proper teenagers.

and i am never ever ever teaching fractions again. i shall just eat the whole ruddy cake on my own.