Saturday, 24 January 2009

Don't mention the horse nose

I want to take the man who invented Shrinkles and I want to give him a damn big smackeroo for bringing five hours worth of peace to this household today.

Well, until Princess Fairy Raindrop created a diplomatic incident by pointing out King Horse Julian's nose had a slice taken out of it. Then the dolphins got involved by laughing and made everything worse. As night follows day, The War of the Kitchen Table began. Order was not restored until all the Shrinkles knights were banished to their rooms to consider the errors of their ways and the great Grit Controller picked up the kitchen chairs.

The offending injury

Until that point, great.


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

You do have many battles of epic size in your house on a regular basis. I hope there was not too much bloodshed.

sharon said...

Shrinkies are great. You can make some very impressive jewellery with it too if you add some 3D glue and glitter. The Fairy Princess would probably appreciate that ;-)