Friday, 2 January 2009

Dream kitchen

YIPPEEE!!! Here I am, standing in a charity shop next to Squirrel yattering away about the possibility of peanuts and what should come on the radio but an ancient track from twenty years ago which plunges me straight back driving round the twisting back ends of Woburn Abbey, singing along to a kitchen.

Go here for the most useful review to this most wonderfully English of bands, then cruise Frazier Chorus on youtube. Meanwhile, I'll pop down to the library to make sure they stock Sue. I can rip it into my ipod and singalong to the glory that is a dead pigeon, a little Chef, and Shake 'n' Vac.

Ahh! The exuberance of youth!


Mud in the City said...

I don't know why I couldn't comment on your post about depression - but it wouldn't let me.

Just wanted to say that your writing moved me and was evocatively emotive. Thank you for being so brave to put into words something many people fear to talk about.

Michelle said...

You can take the allow comment feature off posts if you choose to . . .

katyboo1 said...

How many times have I listened to that album? It is my teenage years. I loved it, loved it, loved it.
It is now unavailable. I did find a second hand copy on Amazon but it was a mortgage's worth. Am using Youtube for my fix.
I'm amazed someone else actually remembers them.

Ruth said...

Sue was reissued last year and is available from for £8.98

katyboo1 said...

Thanks for the link. It is currently in my shopping basket. Yay!