Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Grit, your continual lateness continues to astound us

Normally I have excuses for late blog entries. It is that I am an overwhelmed, under-resourced inadequate, worse the wear after two large glasses of beer.

Add to that, I am worn out and hoarse after yelling at small kids arguing at who gets in the bath first. Then by 10.30 pm I still have the kitchen to clean up, a mouse to deprive of trodden in bits of pasta and the rubbish to put out because it is bin night. Not forgetting the stink pile called laundry. Or the dishwasher, because let's face it Dig does absolutely sod all in that domestic direction. Plus the online library fines which will go up at midnight and the email I need to reply to, sent two weeks ago marked URGENT and probably containing a death threat.

Then spewing my mind nightly into the blogger confessional so I can go to bed cleansed and refreshed takes at least twenty minutes. Some days I cannot squeeze in twenty minutes before I pass out.

These are my normal reasons for always being behind on the date with the blogging thing. But today I have a better. The server in the cupboard keeps breaking down and making life very bad. So Dig took out the server from the cupboard then dropped it in the hall. It made a big bang sound. Dig then drank heavily and attacked things with screwdrivers. As a result we have internet access again but it keeps going off. As you can see, I am quite the technician when it comes to talking about wires and things like that.

Well Dig has probably saved the day. And I am posting this now. Which should mean I am on track to be late again tomorrow.


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Yes, I can't figure out why it's only January the 13th over where you live. How is that possible?

sharon said...

I just assumed that given your historical bent you had found a way of living permanently in the past albeit a fairly recent one.

Re first in the bath problem, is hosing them down in the garden en masse an option if sweet reason fails?

kellyi said...

Every day I start with the mantra "I will be in bed by 10pm" as I cannot face waking up this knackered again. Then the day sails by and like you I have a husband who doesn't know how to operate dishwasher, broom or washing machine so that needs to be done by me. Then I think "sod you all" and stay up for a whole hours me time regardless of whether I actually need to the me time.

I'm only on here now supposedly to sort out finances and strayed this way. They are all upstairs jumping on beds and trying to make the lamp shade wobble in the sitting room. I call this science. Force and motion of course.

Elibee said...

Was the big bang sound the server or Dig?

Casdok said...

Well done Dig!!

blogthatmama said...

Dig has done better than Lurch with computers, that's for sure. January is a very difficult month. Enjoy your beers Grit you deserve them!

Grit said...

yippee! yippee! the internet bit is fixed! It is fixed! dig, i am glad i married you now.