Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Easy when you don't try

Now this picture doesn't remind me of me. Not at all. At age eight I was sitting at the formica topped kitchen table in a terraced house on Mansfield Road, weeping. I did not understand percentages. I thought that if I continued not to understand percentages then I would be a totally useless person forever, scorned by my friends, humiliated at school and my parents would stamp reject on my forehead and disown me. Naturally I would die illiterate and homeless, and my world would end with a big zero per cent score.

So I am glad that today Shark can cook cheesy mushrooms for lunch and, when we casually discuss the cost of food in a credit crunch, she can throw in a remark like 'These mushrooms were buy one get one free. That's like 50 per cent off each.'

Yes, Shark. And I swear I never taught you. But I am so happy that you learned about that percentage without the inconsolable weeping.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so glad for her too! I had similar problems with anything vaguely maths-like at school, it was just like a brick wall that I couldn't get past. It's so nice to be able to spare our children from that! :)

Jonny's Mommy said...

Numbers make my head spin. Whoa. Almost passed out there thinking about how much they make my head spin.

Checking out my Google reader today I realize how far behind I am on blogs, yours included. I am soooo behind, it is not even funny.

No. It's not.

Angela said...

Isn`t it incredible what kids learn what we HAVEN`T taught them? That means you are doing a great job, Grit. Them being able to learn on their own. Not many schools teach that!

Michelle said...

Mmmm. I'm hungry now!

Grit said...

hi debs! i spare shark from double hockey too! the scars, the scars, still burn.

don't worry what you miss here jonny's mommy! 90% is trash.

thank you angela, and i think you are right that schools here do not teach independent skills. or perhaps they do, but only if all the class can chant the answer together.

michelle, i can recommend the mango tarte.

sharon said...

Isn't it nice when things work out so well. The cooking skills are very impressive too.