Sunday, 4 January 2009

Hotel de ant

This is a hotel. Squirrel created it yesterday from a foam block, some bits of plastic junk, unwanted wallpaper and a broken up cocktail stick.

Not anyone can stay in this hotel, of course. No. You have to be an ant. It is a hotel for ants. And it is on the lawn right now, waiting for guests to check in.

To help the ants find their way to this new and stylish place to stay, Squirrel has adorned the dining room with a slice of rotten banana.

I can truly say this makes life worth living.


sharon said...

Nice, although outside in the Summer months might be more appropriate! I don't think ants are renowned for paying their hotel bills though, so not an economic triumph.

Mean Mom said...

10 out of 10 for imagination! I love it! The bit of banana is the finishing touch.

I think I know which hotel she used for inspiration. I stayed there a couple of years ago, when student son was having interviews up and down the country.

Hope you're not overrun with guests!

katyboo1 said...

My girls made an ant hotel last summer under the trampoline. Their's was made with twigs and leaves and grass and didn't weather well. They did spend several happy hours before it fell to bits lurking behind a bush waiting to see if any ants 'checked in'.

I preferred it to the ant farm where I (idiot woman) forgot to order a bag of ants (you can do this) and had to spend hours on my hands and knees trying to catch ants with a teaspoon and a mug to populate the bloody thing.

Grit said...

sharon, you are right. squirrel's business model is crap. everyone knows that ants do not carry VISA. i predict she'll be in administration within the hour.

mean mom, did you like the ensuite facilities? the puddle by the birdbath? i hear the mud spa is so very *now*.

Grit said...

katyboo! i would have done the same as you. i would have thought it foolish to buy something we can scoop up for free! i should learn. we did the same with the wormery. catching the ruddy worms traumatised everyone and involved much screaming.

Sam said...

I like it! I have to say, it looks like a bit of an assault course, but I suppose that's an ant thing. :-)