Monday, 19 January 2009


Really, there is only one thing on our minds today. And that is intense discussion about the UK government review of home education.

After some debate, Grit feels she needs now to scream rude words that would burn her lips, peel back her facial skin and foul the blue air with sulphurous acid. Yes, I feel that insulted by these questions. If screaming excoriating vitriol could be the answer, I would be a satisfied woman.

I am therefore grateful that there are so many wise voices and thoughtful responses swirling around, because I may have to hold onto these voices to calibrate my venomous outbursts and unreasonable persecution of the kitchen bin.


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

I would hate to be witness to your terrible transformation and I hope that the wise voices of the wise minds prevail, so that you can stay your sweet lovable self and continue to home educate as you see fit. I, for one, think you're doing a great job, but does that help any?

Ruth said...

Funny that's how I felt on the 19th too. I had to sleep on it before I could put together anything that wasn't just a string of £#!@ characters :-)

BTW, doesn't Delyth Morgan remind you of someone?