Thursday, 1 January 2009

So of course I have made resolutions

1. Eat more crisps. They are delicious. Why resist their crunchy charms?

2. Make my marriage work, and be gentler and kinder than I am. I will not throw tins in Dig's direction, even when he may deserve it, nay has asked for it, because husband, I love you.

And it is probably too awkward to have to explain to the ambulance staff why you have a dent in your head and are covered in baked beans and tomato sauce.


Brad said...

It's good to keep the resolutions manageable.

I remember when it was very quiet here. I wondered why. Now I understand a little.

Jonny's Mommy said...

I didn't see a place to comment on 24-hours so I will tell you here..stop being a melodramatic git...or whatever it is you told us to tell you.

But really, thanks for sharing that story and about your depression. I've had problems too, but thankfully not as serious.

I'm glad you found blogging. I love your writing and your stories. I come here when I have time to really take things in because you weave such amazing tales and have a wonderful grasp of the English language.

mamacrow said...

your previous post - amazing.

I wish I could be more elloquent than that but the day in london has caught up with me (yes, we survived) and ... I'm not sure i have the words anyway... it deeply touched me anyhow, all of it.

and 'just sleep on it' has been my mantra too for all sorts of things... And has also stood me in good stead.

oh, i've gone for the realistic resolutions this year too. mine is to eat lots of chocolate at the end of every month :)

Katherine said...

I've been there too (24 hours). Thank you for your story. And thanks for the WTF resolution about crisps! I hereby give myself permission to siesta.

sharon said...

Re yesterday's post, how eloquent and how sad. Lay-bys(?sp) seem to be a bad place for you, I hope you never have to visit that one again. The 24 hour rule is a good one. My younger son has depressive tendencies and has had therapy in the past. He's much better now at dealing with his mood/feelings although we still worry about him at times (particularly when anything to do with my BC rears it's ugly head). It's a miserable place to be BUT tomorrow is always another day with different opportunities. And, anyway, apart from the devastation to your family your loss would be, what would we all do without your wonderful blog to read!! You are worthy of happiness Grit, so stop beating yourself up. Please.

Re the crisps - oh yes! And Dig? Probably best not to throw tins at him, but maybe wet sponges?

Samurai Beetle said...

Well now I know where the Grit comes from. Your previous post was very brave. I'm really glad your still here because I enjoy reading your blog and I think you are a brilliant mom and teacher.

Kitty said...

Your last post was so touching. I suspect many of us who write have been to that place. For you a layby - for me it was the cricket club car park at silly o'clock when nobody was there. But the isolation and darkness were somehow appropriate. I'll wager others have used your car park and 'my' cricket club for exactly the same purpose.

I'm with you on the issue of crisps. I will never, ever stop buying or eating them.

Take care of yourself - you are special.


Jaywalker said...

Now, I am not normally the crisps type, preferring to take my trans fats in the form of cadburys caramels, but on the strength of this I went and got some of those individual tubes of pringles of the kind they sell you on low cost flights. They are very moreish! Thank you Grit! Crunchy AND delicious.

Grit said...

thank you for your positive comments people, i probably don't deserve them. you can give me a good slap instead. but don't make me spill the bag of salt n vinegar.

Lynn said...

(24 hours)This was so moving,thanks for sharing.I am with you on both counts.Been to that dark place and will never give up crisps!! (((hugs))) xxx

kellyi said...

My husband came home from work yesterday to tell me that I hadn't cleaned the oven properly. I had two choices, throw the can of baked beans I (spookily) had in my hand at his head, or leave the room.

It was tea time but I was so mad, I went to bed, and stayed there ALL NIGHT.

When darling daughter crept upstairs to tell me tea was ready, I said I didn't want any (by which I meant: shove that up your bum husband.)

He had to deal with the kids, wash up, feed the dog, tidy the house, let the bath water out etc etc and got to bed at midnight.

Funnily enough, I didn't hear a word of criticism today, and he was extra nice. Har har har.

kellyi said...

Just read my comment. Er, not sure what it has to do with your post, except you mentioned baked beans. May be just some thing I needed to get off my chest ?? Apologies.

Grit said...

kelly, that is EXACTLY the sort of thing that happens. 'looking after the children' means running the house, feeding the family, working part time, food shopping and being involved in that educational enterprise thing. i notice when dig 'looks after the children' it means sitting on the sofa with them watching dad's army.

Michelle said...

lol at Kellyi. I had similar experience in December. Got back from a week away to find nothing had been done. No nice clean sheets on the bed, no bathrooms clean. Nothing had been done at all. He said he'd cleaned the kitchen but as it looked exactly as it did when I left what he meant was that he'd cleaned up after the mess he'd created in the kitchen. ANd knowing him he'd have left it until stacks of washing up everywhere so it would have been a big job on the afternoon before I came home.

I was good and calm and told myslef not to get worked up about it, but was simmering but not wanting to spoil evening of us all back together. Then daughter was being whiny and difficult and I started to snap, then stopped and audibly counted to 10, apologised for snapping, asked falcetto style very sweetly what my little cherub wanted and she answered. Was just about to get the drink she wanted when he criticised me in front of her for the way I had started speaking to her.

Well. I just exploded and stormed upstairs and locked myself in the bathroom.

Once he'd stopped trying to get me to come out I went to bed (didn't eat dinner as he'd made it so that would be accepting something (dinner as an offering?)) and also stayed there until morning.

They were both very cautious with me next day. I had scared me too.

I think living with people is very, very hard. But then I think what would it be like if they weren't here? What if I got a call to say they had been killed in a train deraillment? So far. That has always seemed like a worse scenario than the one I was living with.

Guess I'm venting here. Wouldn't want to clutter up my blog with doom and gloom!