Thursday, 5 February 2009

Another economic reason

Grit may have in her moth eaten purse three bent copper coins and an old rupee, but she's laughing.

Cost of 'free' education rises above £10,000.


Mean Mom said...

Well, that's interesting! I think Student son cost us about that much last year, in his first year at uni!

Ruth said...

It cheers me greatly. £683 per year covers, let me see, private music lessons £307, French £120, HE group £48 still leaving us £208 ahead ... before all the memberships and trips, but still, it does make it feel less expensive, and dd doesn't have to wear ugly clothes :-)

Grit said...

mean mom, i am dreading the cost of the marine biology course with the year's study taken in the maldives. i think i shall stuff the money under the mattress as the safest option for 10 years ahead.

ruth, we are greatly heartened here too. £20 for the home ed forest school course over 6 weeks is probably cheaper than the school could offer.