Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Taking Liberties

Because of the recent review of home education in the UK and the simultaneous experience of being stopped by the police for educating my daughter in Tesco, there is no way we are missing this exhibition. It closes too soon, so we are bloody well going.

Now if the current climate created by the government hadn't pissed me off quite so much, it might have been one of those exhibitions of which I said yeah yeah it would've been good to go but y'know we never got round to it. Well not bloody likely now. I march the gritlets down to the British Library and tour them round the exhibition demanding they start thinking about what point is the right point to start arguing, when does individual liberty become society's loss and when should we obey the law, or decide to break it and defend our rights to do so.

The place is packed with student groups and interested individuals. So thank you, Matthew Shaw. Really, there should be a permanent place for this exhibition. Because let's face it, it's not exactly a dead issue.


Jan said...

We went to that a few weeks ago and thought it was great - very bold and thought-provoking. My voice was tired though, by the time I'd gone round with my very interested but not-quite-reading 7 year old. :)

Grit said...

i agree jan, squirrel was definitely fatigued by the end and i was choosing only the top layer. but from small acorns...