Saturday, 21 February 2009

Full diary

If you're on the brink of withdrawing your child from school to educate otherwise, you'll find one big problem ahead. There is too much to do.

Shark, Squirrel and Tiger have a better social life than I do. They have more events to go to, more occasions to dress up for, more morning and afternoon activities to prepare for and more people to meet in one week than I can manage in a year.

This might be a reason not to home educate, actually, and I'll add it to the list. Because in organising the weekly and monthly calenders for the little grits I cannot find time to swank around in Dior, attend coffee mornings, or meet ladies for lunch.

I do however, have to make time for a fabric craft workshop where the gritlets can take a pair of scissors to my old D&G jeans (RSPCA shop, £1). Here they happily thrash around in the beads and sequins box, cut up lots of denim, and get active with sewing machines, glue guns and needles to create organisers, book covers, book marks, shoulder bags and a dreadful skirt.

And if you ever see me wearing it, or carrying one of the matching handbags, shoot me.


Kitty said...

Fantastic craftiness in the Grit household! My kids have had a better social life than me since they were roughly 6 months old. How sad is that?! x

sharon said...

Perhaps the gritlets should open an Etsy shop to market their crafty wares ;-)

kellyi said...

I understand your pain. I feel like my back side has forgotten what the sofa is for, and that planning a military campaign with one arm tied behind my back would be easy compared to the mammoth task I have just had in scheduling every one's activities for the next four weeks.

If a non HE-er asks me again about socialisation, I shall shove my diary up their, er, some where unpleasant.