Friday, 13 February 2009

Note the date

Today is Friday the thirteenth, so life is to be enjoyed.

Tiger decides she will entertain us, and embarks on a recipe from scratch that will send sighs of contentment all round. She composes ginger bananas on toffee toast.

Squirrel, tummy full, departs quietly and contentedly to snuggle upstairs on her bed with a gentle story about a caterpillar.

And Shark, relaxed and thinking fish, spends three hours in the company of the Royal Institution CD on Antarctica.

Grit and Dig, in companionable arrangement, preside over this house of calm, and after lunch talk wisdoms and agreeable reflections.

Tomorrow, when this effortless and lazy day is over, we will probably return to normal. We can attempt to murder each other by placing tennis balls on the stairs, tying the furniture together until mummy Grit screams in despair, and burning dinner.


Ruth said...

Apart from the fact that I think I put on about 4lb just reading about Tiger's creation, that was a very relaxing read. If only more days could be like that, eh? :-)

sharon said...

After such a lovely day I bet you wish there were more Friday 13s in the year!

sharon said...

Oooh, there's another one next month!

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

What an extremely mellow post. It nearly put me to sleep.

Anonymous said...

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