Sunday, 22 February 2009

Art. Really.

I have found a cheap supplier of canvas. It is the local tip, which charges me one pound per canvas. Usually the canvas is already painted with a terrible landscape or someone's cat or abstract patterns which remind me of sick. We immediately emulsion it over, hoping it wasn't really by Rembrandt, then the little grits get stuck in and thrash around in the bathroom with acrylic paint while I intermittently weep and shout.

Here's the update. And apologies to the artists if I've hung them here the wrong way round.

You can guess who painted the fish.


Kitty said...

Great idea, getting 'previously owned' canvas. No.1 is doing a (school) project at the moment on The Bauhaus artists and movement in general - she is designing in a chair in the style of Marcel Breuer. God, how I love art homework! x

Grit said...

Kitty, getting pre-owned canvas is a massive saving. but i remain a teensy bit worried that one day we really will whitewash a long lost renoir. i remain alert.

Brad said...

I like the singular all seeing eye in #3. I'm guessing it's Tiger's

Grit said...

tiger's is second one down... very miro.