Monday, 2 February 2009

Surely some mistake

Here's a headline from today's Independent.

Schools urged to teach good parenting skills

Grit thought this was hilarious. Forgive her. She is a bit puerile. Anyway, the report on childhood raises serious issues, and didn't make me laugh at all.

She also laughed at this headline Dig found in a local paper MK News.

Single mother let pet dog go bald

Grit thought this headline was funny too. But don't laugh at the story. It's not funny. And it's quite sad for the dog.

Anyway, Shark wants to learn about woodwork now, so in the innocent spirit of the Independent headline writer, I'm taking her down the swimming pool.


Mr Farty said...

What's wrong with schools teaching good parenting skills? I for one think it's shocking to see twelve-year-olds smoking and drinking in front of their kids.

Couldn't resist it.

sharon said...

Oh damn - Mr Farty made my comment already :-)

Samurai Beetle said...

She probably forgot she had a dog. If mine stopped yelling for food I'd probably forget to feed them. I'm speaking of the pets of course.