Monday, 9 February 2009

Back to normal

Well it's done now. I have submitted my comments to the government's review into how effectively we home educators are beating up our children before publishing their bums on YouTube, so that's it.

This blog can return to normal.

It will return to being a showcase of all the best things about the home educating lifestyle. Like photographs of Shark, Squirrel and Tiger occupied in intellectually challenging and stimulating activities.

Photographs of high quality craft items hand assembled by Squirrel.

Photographs of social activities and party venues where all the children are having fun.

News of exciting new outdoor pursuits that Shark, Squirrel and Tiger are engaged with.

Tales of our enterprising cooking and the many adventures our children take with their food.

Images of our beautiful home, and of Grit's stylish domestic interiors.

And daily stories of Grit's happy life, which is not at all soaked in beer.


Merry said...


Brad said...

You've armed the Gritlets with bows & arrows? What WERE you thinking?

That poor parquet floor...(shiver)

sharon said...

Oh goody! More pics of muddy fields asap please ;-)

Yoli said...

Great blog and adorable children.

Grit said...

hello folks, thank you for your comments. i feel weary after the the last couple of weeks, so need some fresh air, and preferably a muddy field ;)

Lanna said...

My kids thought this post was a riot :D

It would be excellent if in protest all home educators submitted their annual reports to the local authorities in a similarly tongue-in-cheek fashion, but I'm afraid that what they lack in humour, they make up for in bullying behavior. Meh.