Friday, 26 June 2009

Am I threatening you?

Home educators are smug bastards who think they have a monopoly on good parenting. It's about time they got their comeuppance, poncing about museums and swimming pools when the rest of us have to work. We have to suffer, so why shouldn't they.

Let's take this opportunity to put the boot in. Let's suspect them of beating up their kids. Either that, or we can say home schooled kids have no choice and are locked up all day with NO rights and NO contact and NO social skills. And they grunt, yeah, and cannot count. Then we claim the parents are emotionally needy and leave a question like this hanging in the air, like should poor innocent children be subjected to the clinging parent who keeps their child away from school for their own SELFISH ends? Is that justified? Ever? IS IT?

OK, not those words exactly. But I would just like to say I can sniff a whiff of schadenfreude coming out from those comments over here.

Which is a little confusing for Grit, who imagined, like so many other hard working home educating parents, a different vision of what life could be, released from factory farms and battery pens, and rearranged her life, sacrificing salaries and new shoes so she could bring about that different vision and different lifestyle.

And despite giving up some of the stuff other people might value, well, we find we can live a content life, grow a family an off-template way, build the days how we want, and create the way we live, well that's sort of threatening, is it?

No. I'd say threatening was stalking you, keying your Audi, and shoving a dead mackerel through your letterbox. Which right now, I'd like to do very much. Should I give in to those urges, go ahead. Pour suspicion and vitriol down on my head.

But not until I get to the mackerel, OK?


Potty Mummy said...

Can you make sure the mackerel is at least 3 weeks old?

Grit said...

absolutely, pm!

Merry said...

Ah yes. They really weren't listening on that comment thread, were they? We gave up when it became obvious who 2 of the comment-mongers were; shame really as, if people would only listen instead of saying "lalalalalalal" it would be meaningful to have those conversations.