Saturday, 6 June 2009

Delyth Morgan, you talking to me?

Another Saturday, another day in the glorious English outdoors!

These are the sort of people we meet.

You can see I'm studiously avoiding any mention of what's going on over here. Yeah. Get tough with me. Why don't you. C'mon then Andy Winton. Because school is the place where adults can make children realise what is normal social behaviour, isn't it? You said it. What Grit is inflicting on her children is not normal, is it? No, this is not normal at all. You see that woman with the back pack? Keep your eye on her. SHE WEAVES BASKETS.

Where was I?

Oh yes. With Linda Johns in Salcey forest. The artist who works with natural materials and has enjoyed a wonderfully successful installation in a forest in the English shires. A little while ago we attended one of her walks, and today we're on her workshop. And she's teaching us how to make one of these. Perverted, huh? This is just a cover for Satanic worship.

And now look at the sort of dangerous tools she leaves lying around for children! Who's to stop anyone of those innocents picking up those pliers and STABBING THEMSELVES IN THE EYE. Where are the parents? That foolish Grit is standing by taking photographs! Oh, wilful, foolish GRIT! Don't you know the STATE SHOULD PARENT THESE CHILDREN?

Now, what was I saying? About the art? Yes, it's very creative, isn't it? We had two hours, weaving with copper and tinned copper, making delicate shapes that hide between the trees.

And say, Delyth Morgan, you have concerns that some home educated children are not receiving the education they need? Say what? MY CHILDREN CAN NOW USE PLIERS AS WELL AS MACHETES.


Firebird said...

Pretty! Like dream-catchers with attitude :-)

sharon said...

But did you make giant spiders to sit in the webs? And cocooned flying things stewing in their juices for later consumption?

kellyi said...

I will instruct my lot on the correct use of a screwdriver and circular saw, and together we can march on Wesminster and machete/ plier/ saw these specimens, what do you say?

The Gossamer Woman said...

They're just jealous because they can't offer such a neat curriculum. I wish I was your kid tagging along, but I'm too old. If I could only grow younger and risk putting my eye out with a pair of pliers, I would be so happy.

Annkrozeika said...

You tell her, Grit! ;)

Grit said...

hi folks! thank you for your comments! let us organise a massive rally in favour of home education! let us show our weapons. like pliers, wood saws, knitting needles, and books. x