Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Thank you Richard Vaughan! Grit's new job is PROSTITUTE!

Hey, Richard! Writer of the article on HOME EDUCATION for the TES! Yes, you! You wrote the article published 12 June!

Richard, you might have saved us.

Since I gave up a full time job to HOME EDUCATE my children, I've become used to making decisions, like, do I buy new boots at John Lewis for £180? Or do I buy used shoes at the RSPCA charity shop for £3? Well, sometimes there's no real choice, because my kids need books, resources, outings, computer stuff and art materials. And tell me about the cost of those acrylics!

Well you obviously appreciate that home educators don't usually receive money from the state just because they've chosen a different way of education from you. Not a bit. Usually, it's a big hit on our time, commitment, energy, and pockets.

Which is why your suggestion is just tickety-boo! It could be a nice little earner, no? Don't be SHY! It was you, wasn't it Richard, who conflated the article on HOME EDUCATION with this paragraph on PROSTITUTION?
The Department for Children, Schools and Families has issued new guidance with the Home Office to safeguard children from sexual exploitation and prostitution. It revises guidelines published in 2000 in a report, Safeguarding Children involved in Prostitution. Delyth Morgan called all frontline professionals to work together to identify children at risk of sexual exploitation and take the 'best steps to keep them safe from harm'.
Of course you know that home education often means learning things together with our children. So if my child is now living in a world where HOME EDUCATION and PROSTITUTION can be dealt with as if they are pretty much one and the same thing, of course they should know about it.

Well, I'm their teacher! I'll find out first!

Now bear with me Richard, because I'm new to this game, and I may not have all the lingo just yet. I've done my advertising on the back lanes.

And I've had a little rummage in the wardrobe and come up with this. Do you think it will help?

Look a bit closer, Richard. Something might tickle your fancy.

Sorry, I don't have all the face mask stuff yet. I found these eye patch things that Dig bought back from an aeroplane.

Ohh la la, Richard!

And when we are very naughty, Richard, I could read to you about THE BATTLE OF BOSWORTH.

And then we could get down to some serious work. Again, you'll have to forgive me. It's just what we've got in the cleaning cupboard right now.

Well, Richard. Big Boy. Thanks for suggesting this angle. Me, I would NEVER have THOUGHT that HOME EDUCATION AND PROSTITUTION BELONG TOGETHER.

I should give you a discount.*

*But sadly, due to irritating ideas about accuracy, decency and fairness in this country, I've been forced to accompany the opening of my new business with a letter to the Press Complaints Commission.


Jax said...

oh you really are a star.

Merry said...

I love you Grit, i really do.

June said...

Hahahaha!! *Winces at the sight of the nail brush*

Maire said...

The hot glue gun is my favourite, and you have put in to pictures exactly how I feel, well picture, I like the bottom one best!

lotusbirther said...

I actually thought you were joking - until I read th earticle you were referring to. That TES article is criminal, should not have been published - what distorted mind let that through the editing process?
This drip drip accusatory insinuation is what we are up against sadly. Are the PCC up to it I wonder.

Michelle said...

I'm questioning my own education. What's the glue gun thing for?

The Gossamer Woman said...

I think it is all a very sorry state of affairs. It sounds like a bad farce, but this is real life and everybody should be in an uproar. Too bad I'm not a British citizen. You guys need an ombudsman or woman.

Clare said...

Grit, that's brilliant. Thanks for highlighting the article - I've also complained to the PCC.

kellyi said...

I showed this to my OH, outraged as you are but also laughing at your interpretation. What does he say? He can see your big toe in one of the pictures.

Priorities out the window as usual. I too am sending a letter to PCC.