Saturday, 13 June 2009

Home educated children hidden from view

I would hate to disappoint Mrs Gradgrind, so I'll admit for the last three days to evade the authorities I have gone to ground in the wilderness that is Suffolk and Norfolk.

On Thursday we found a suitable disguise in Moyse's Hall Museum that should ensure we do not stand out from the crowd on market day in Bury St Edmunds.

On Friday we found the perfect location to dump the Gritmobile, which we abandoned in a field.

Then we ran off into Bewilderwood to find a forest dwelling where we could hunt goblins and live undetected.

Finally on Saturday I found the perfect hiding hole here in a neolithic flint mine at Grimes Graves. That is, of course, the perfect destination for grunting lentil eating unbalanced unsocialised rabble who live on illegal substances, roadkill, and goblins.

You see? HOME EDUCATED CHILDREN ARE HIDDEN FROM VIEW. Mrs Gradgrind, you probably didn't see us from your view behind the school desk in Classroom 3, Block 2.

Would you like to try me on socialisation?


Jax said...

you came all the way to suffolk and I still didn't get to meet you.


Grit said...

but jax, did you not hear the 3-way argument in the garden friday evening?

next time i can send an email, but probably with 24 hours advance warning!