Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Safeguarding access to my home and family

Thank goodness I have my diary back, because I see we have an imminent visit from Aunty Dee - that's the children's Aunty, not mine - she's lucky enough to be my sister-in-law.

Aunty Dee is also a social worker, and has been totally supportive of our decision to home educate. OK then, she has not yet threatened to have me sectioned and the children farmed out to foster homes, so we can count that as the same thing.

Nevertheless, in her honour, we are all now engaged in screwing on some doorknobs, clearing up the trip hazards from the floor, and nailing the gate back together.

Clearly, this involves some necessary child labour.

But of course we are not mean employers. No. We have bought off our small employees with the promise of some cheap Neapolitan ice cream from the Co-op.

A day spent mostly at home in general maintenance is also a good time to wander round blogs and take stock of opinion around the BadmanBalls review of home education.

As Shark finishes painting the gate, I reflect on Recommendation 7 that to routinely monitor the education Shark, Squirrel and Tiger receive, a local authority officer could be given the legal power to enter my home and interview my children without my presence.

That's more powers than the police. It is also a power that can be extended to any family in this country with children.

I would just like to say for the record that if anyone were to try and enter my home, we are not just going to remove all the doorhandles again.

You will have to break in past Shark's newly painted gate and navigate the garden and floors which will be strewn with plastic junk.

Assuming, of course, you can get past my dead body nailed up over the doorway.


The Green Stone Woman said...

Excuse me? Where will your body be laying? Right on the doorstep? I think you should nail yourself across the doorway for lack of easy access.

Grit said...

you are right, you TEFL teacher, you. i should nail myself across that doorway. nailing myself over it is absurd. only an idiot would do that. x

emma said...

you cheer me up every day, woman.

Helen Armfield said...

Ah, but if you are *over* the doorway, you can drip on those attempting to pass which is far less hygienic and far more likely to cause disgust ...

Hmmm - sorry, I'm occasionally twisted, call it the fellow realisation that I may also turn out to be a tory voter!

sharon said...

It is with great but sad smugness that I tell you I voted Lib/Dem in the year that A Blair won the General election which set in motion the debacle that has become the UK. It went much against my socialist grain but, as I told my DH at the time, 'Tone' was a slimy bastard and I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him! We emigrated shortly afterwards. I can therefore understand why you would be considering a (hiss, spit)Tory vote in the current circumstances and I'm so sorry it has come to this sad state of affairs.

I just hope the Tories repeal all of this Nanny state crap and do not continue to use it as a means of controlling the country. Most of it is a total waste of time and financial resources.

Up the revolution Grit!

Grit said...

hi folks! if the idle hippie down the road who is our green candidate could actually get off his arse to do something instead of smoking dope all day long, i'd vote for him.