Monday, 22 June 2009

Home school mother malnourishes children

Gooseberry and nut brick

250g butter/or hippie non dairy fat
250g SR flour
125g ground almonds
125g brown sugar
400g gooseberries
50g chopped nuts
More sugar. Don't ask questions.

1. Rub butter into flour, almonds, sugar to make 'breadcrumb' mix. Press half of this quantity into a deep baking tin.

2. Wash gooseberries and roll in more sugar. Scatter sugared gooseberries on top of the layer in the baking tin.

3. Add nuts to remaining half of crumb mix. Press down over the gooseberry layer.

4. Bake about 50 mins until golden and fruit bubbles up at edge.

5. Dredge with more sugar. Cool, slice into bricks. Begin building house with bricks. Make second batch. And third. Become delirious with sugar intake. Start to lose sanity. Babble about gooseberries and how you are going to rub them over your body and eat their lovely juicy cake brick thing. Make more batches. Become insane. Need restraint. Armed police arrive. Dig is wringing hands. No matter! GOOSEBERRY BRICK CAKE THING IS HERE AND IT IS ALL MINE MINE MINE!


kellyi said...

oh yum. we are making this today. Goooooosberrys. Yum.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Gooseberry madness is very catching. It only takes one gooseberry and you're on a roll. It may also be the overdose of sugar in this case. You know it leads to hyperactivity, don't you? Did Dig call the police or was it one of the neighbors? I hope no straight jackets were involved.

Firebird said...


Not today because munchkin did the catering for granny's birthday party {burp} but we do have a gooseberry bush out in the garden with half the fruit still on it.

Grit said...

you will not be disappointed people if you make this recipe. if you are, send it here and i will eat it on your behalf.