Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Don't you all eat live chickens?

If you read the newspapers and the social chitchat from that place of normality, sanity, balance and Al-Qaida, the NETMUMS coffeehouse, you'll meet the following opinions about home educated children, who apparently...

1. never leave the house
2. are hidden from view
3. are psychologically, emotionally and physically abused by their parents
4. fail to achieve their full academic potential
5. are inadequately socialised
6. lack focus, structure, routine
7. are badly behaved
8. receive an inferior education
9. are indoctrinated by their parents
10. interact only with fundamentalists, religious zealots, creeps, weirdos, live chicken eaters etc.
11. are educated behind closed doors because the family have 'something to hide'

I thought I'd just snap that public opinion this week. Before things get really bad.

And I'll add that on an average home educating Tuesday at Grit's house, Shark, Squirrel and Tiger attend a French lesson, then I drive Shark to her sailing, Tiger to horse riding and Squirrel to dance. I'm reading Robinson Crusoe over breakfast, and it's fitting in neatly with the audio CDs of This Sceptered Isle. In their spare time, the kids have several maths and science websites they explore, and they're also adding the finishing touches to their art, for the exhibition they're running from Sunday. Then at the end of the day we eat live chickens and, before bed, worship the devil.

Go on. Tell me that's not normal.


kellyi said...

I left Netmums a looong time ago, because it made me embarressed to be a mum. Also, I read that it was Netmums that the mother of baby P used to frequent, bet they aren't mentioning that any where.

Grit said...

thank goodness it's not just me. it's so cute and cosy sometimes it makes me want to throw up. bet soon we have to register there on a compulsory basis before we plan to have children as part of our 'planning for parenthood preparation scheme'.

god, i've got myself depressed again now.