Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Because this really is June 10

Chronologically challenged and diary disabled, when I get to the end of a year, I look back and think What the fuck happened? So I entrusted blogger as the vehicle to capture what we were doing, what I was thinking, and which field I was in.

The blog also is a useful record because I may need to remember where Dig was, where I was, and the circumstances of a particular time in case we are taken to court.

Everyday now we are made into a new form of criminal in this lovely British society of ours, and consequently we are threatened frequently with prosecution. Companies routinely rip monies from our bank accounts for services we cancelled years ago, and for which the bank agrees we do not owe, and then said company sells the debt that isn't there, attempts to send round the bailiffs and take us to court. TRY IT AGAIN U-NET.

We home educate, run a business, manage more than one household and STILL I deal with debt collection agencies chasing the tennant for £315.12. The tennant lived in one part of our house and LEFT TEN YEARS AGO.

So for my record, on Wednesday 10 June, hours before the Badman report was unleashed and the newspapers in readiness churning out the propaganda from the government on how we home educators abuse our children, Grit and the gritlets packed a bag to go live in a caravan for two nights in Suffolk.

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