Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The end of the evening

Out of respect to my hosts, I shall say simply that the event was well organised, the food delightful, and the dining company, enjoyable.

I know it's unlikely that my dining fellows are, right at this moment, creeping round the back of the computer to read pointless mummy blogs, but you never know. Once I thought it unlikely I would buy a secondhand book from the same gentleman I had yesterday rendered into a terrible hamfisted charcoal mess in a life drawing class. I blushed. It taught me that strange coincidences happen.

So here are some late night pictures of London. I have a cameraphone full, because after the event we decided to walk back to the hotel, but couldn't find it and got lost. I needed a record in case I had to prove something to the police.

Anyway, I had to keep stopping to photograph stuff. You try walking for 50 minutes with size 6 feet in size 5 shoes and then you know why.


sharon said...

Poor feet. Hope they recover soon. Still good free food is always a bonus ;-)

Was the lost-ness was due to the normal male refusal to ask for directions/help?

MadameSmokinGun said...


You know you are going to do this again next year don't you?

Give them to Aunty Dee as a Thank You - if they're not too blood-soaked.

Next year why not buy a bigger size and line them with nice soft mice?

Grit said...

the chocs at the end were particularly delicious, sharon. i am no nearer to dropping a dress size.

mme sg! you have it! buy shoes that are bigger not smaller! why didn't i think of that. and it solves two problems in one go. you are a genius.