Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I think it marks twenty years

Midway through our madness, many years ago, Dig and me were still in love and thought anything possible.

Then we had the idea that from the house we would like to walk underground, to walk enclosed and yet outside, and come back through an arched frame into the warm and loving arms of the house proper. So we did that. We made that happen.

Or rather, a small part of it. We bought up the time and workforce of a local builder and they dug a trench, moved pipes, inserted walls and skylights and we called the funny shaped indoor, outdoor, underground space, a gallery. It is a short walk outside the house, underground, and back into the house.

After the children were born, I filled up the gallery with boxes and junk and wardrobe and clothes I'd never wear again and no-one walked anywhere there, inside or outside.

But I would just like to announce, if only to myself today, that now it is not filled up with those things. It is filled up with desk, and books, and games, and daughters.


Sam said...

Ooh! Can't quite work it out in my head, but it *sounds* exciting and interesting ;-)

It looks like it'll have lots of light - good for arty stuff?

MadameSmokinGun said...

WOW! Furniture Tetris (fab phrase) was just a limbering up for Daylight Retrieval. I am in awe.

sharon said...

What a brilliant idea. A sort of combination conservatory/cellar/cloister.

kellyi said...

I've always been slightly confused by the pile. You have a top floor, some one else in the middle and you also have the bottom, and now, you produce an underground escape exit, I will have to rethink the plan in my head.

Sounds lovely though :)