Saturday, 27 March 2010

In which I mostly say, AMAZING

OK, this is AMAZING.

It's like there is a giant eyeball and projections of snails in all these kaleidoscope patterns and colours swirling all the time to music over the eyeball and the gardens, and the bricks are lit up in rotating flower patterns, and there are streams of white wind flowing through the trees, and enormous faces hanging in the branches with flames and flares and beautiful colours, and it is so AMAZING I wander round saying AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING until two hours later I am forcibly wrestled into the car and slapped a bit to shut me up from saying AMAZING.

But it is true. It is AMAZING. And pleasepleaseplease we need to see this again because I am so pleased and happy that I can tell the gritlets now for sure that to achieve this impact in their brains they must simply use the light of this world with their own imagination, and never need resort to acid.