Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Furniture took over my brain

Well I looked at Squirrel and said, That's a good idea. We can put a desk in the basement bedroom just for you. First I'll move the wardrobe.

I moved the wardrobe to the middle of the carpet. Then I brought the desk downstairs that had been a table upstairs. There was a table downstairs and I took that apart and carried it upstairs. But then I had a wardrobe in the middle of the floor.

So I took the wardrobe upstairs and wondered where to put it. First I moved two big boxes filled with fabric for sewing and I put them in the middle of the floor. That left a space. But the wardrobe was too big for the space. So I said to Squirrel, Fetch a saw.

Then I had a go at sawing off a bit of the wardrobe so that it would fit in the space but the saw didn't have enough sharp teeth after I used it last week on the tree, so I said to daddy Dig, Can I borrow your jigsaw? The one you used yesterday to cut up the bookcase I put in the back bedroom when I took down the shelf and brought the chair downstairs?

And Dig said No. I will do the jigsawing. And I hope he doesn't saw through the main gas pipe again like last time.

When Dig sawed a bit off the wardrobe I put it in the new place and it looks horrible. So tomorrow I will move it to the other side of the room where it will look nice and it will fit.

But to make both the wardrobe and the chest of drawers fit I will have to move the chest of drawers together with the box where I keep the bedding and swap that over with the box where we keep the spare bags and I will put those spare bags under the eaves but first I must move the Christmas tree and the boardgames from the box on the landing and move that downstairs along with the other chair and then I will swap over the table and move the chair that was upstairs, downstairs.


P.S. Maybe now I am not so sure about the cut-down wardrobe. Dig says with that curtain in place it looks like a confessional for dwarves.


MadameSmokinGun said...

Bless me Grit for I have sinned. It has been 31 years since my last confession. In that time, well today, I have been grumpy, had uncharitable thoughts, swore, aggressively took over production of chocolate cornflake crinkles from small child to take to their friend's house, left them behind on the kitchen counter, swore some more, ate 5 in a row when I got home, stuck 17 ants to some golden syrup we'd left on the kitchen counter, wiped them up dead or alive with no regard for small child's feelings, cooked a healthy dinner (sorry - I know that's totally unforgiveable), threw away the remains of sacrificed animal with no regard for poor children in Africa, swore a bit more at the lake on the kitchen floor surrounding an empty bowl and a small rubbery slimy dinosaur, put golf trousers in the tumble dryer and laced Snow White's apple with anti-freeze and blamed it on the evil Queen. Yeah yeah Hail Mary quite contrary sorry on my death bed can I go now?

sharon said...

I do love a good game of furniture tetris! The other half, who has to do the actual moving of things, hates it though, can't think why.

A Modern Mother said...

I never move our furniture around. I wonder what that means.

Big mamma frog said...

I try to make a point of not visiting people with really nice houses, but when I do I come home and feel compelled to move furniture around in my house.

It must be some kind of syndrome (furnituritis?) and I get it really bad at least twice a year. Which is handy because every six months everything gets moved back to where it was before, which was probably the best place for it.

So I do something stupid like move the sofa into a ridiculously unsuitable and inpractical place. Then feel heaps better about the world and the inadequacies of my house.

Moving furniture is a sign of mistakenly thinking you can make the world right by shifting a bit of MDF. Not moving furniture is a sign that you already know that moving a bit of MDF is NOT going to make the world right. Unless you're into Feng Shui. In which case you've probably just got too much time on your hands.

Maire said...

I used to do this a lot, but since the Christmas eve about 18 years ago when it seemed an excellent idea, I have to tread very carefully or my husband has a major strop!

Potty Mummy said...

Hang on - you have furniture? Don't get too used to that if you're doing the minimal move thing... (I speak from bitter experience and as a person who still spends a large part of each day thinking 'dammit! Why DIDN'T I bring the blender / the radio / the kitchen sink? Actually, just kidding on the last one. We do have a kitchen sink here...)

Grit said...

that is an impressive list mme sg. i cannot beat it. i did a lot of shouting today and behaving badly. i also killed three harlequin ladybirds in the house.

on the plus side i did not become hysterical at the sight of the evil red monsters, nor run from the house screaming 'We are infested! Quick! call pest control!' this would be bad for the neighbourhood.

ha! now i exonerate all my bad behaviour with my community spirit. i am good.

sharon, i do most of the removal, although i did get help with the wardrobe, probably because dig cannot bear to see the sight of blood flowing down the stairs. and also nanny costs would be higher than my daily rate while i am being sewn back together on ward 10.

modern mother, it means you are sensible. it is foolish. do not do it. then you never have to look behind or under it.

big mamma frog, i think you might be right, because every year at least once i have to move the furniture around. it is very strange. i think it might be a way of coping with stress.

maire! christmas eve! why didn't i think of that! that would be an ideal time to start.

hi pm! i am becoming obsessed with leaving 'a clean house'. this means making sure all the furniture has been moved apparently. hmm. i think this really is a stress related syndrome.

Rachel M. said...

Dig gets my burst of laughter for the day with "confessional for dwarves".