Thursday, 11 March 2010

Maybe brain is gone under sofa

I think my brain is taking a break from life right now. I'm sure it'll get back to you after I find it. It controls all the direction finders and the focus and the on/off switches and the volume knob.

Meanwhile, I must stop staring at the screen with a vacant expression while dribbling a bit from an open mouth. I must do something positive while brain is out, like post pictures of little grits doing stuff instead.

For the record then, this is what the home ed family of normal did last Monday.

Woodland walking. With home ed group and DOG. Calm down everyone. Squirrel likes only this dog. Not all dogs. But this dog. I am content.


And there was French. And horse, somewhere. Tiger is worried that she will miss the sittingonahorse experience if the family up sticks and pushes off out the country. Foolishly, I have suggested she rolls up all her missing sittingonahorse minutes into one big lump which she can take when we are in the UK. I am an idiot. I cannot buy the ruddy stables.


I am almost inclined to suggest you guess what is going on here. You will never do it. It is a workshoppery thing on Haydn and Chopin. These three lovelies are Chopin's sisters, for the purposes of visual reenactment.

Thursday. Go and see Tim Burton's 3D Alice in Wonderland at the cinema. I have no photograph of that, obviously, because conscience is not asleep and it knows what is WRONG and BAD and THEFT.

Brain, wake up now, because I need direction, control, and focus.


sharon said...

Tell Tiger that when you visit WA during your stay in HK, I will find somewhere here for her to go and ride horses. Lots of locals have them so I'm sure it won't be too hard to find a kind soul willing to help out.

I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D on Wednesday. Loved it.

When you find your brain could you check if mine is there too please? A few stray marbles may be useful otherwise . . .

A Modern Mother said...

Would be really interested in what you thought about Alice in Wonderland ... I take it you didn't like it?

Rachel M. said...

oooh I can't wait to see Alice in Wonderland next week!!!

Kelly said...

Oh saw Alice yesterday. Loved it so much! My brain still in head, I think, no evidence of alien surgery, but appears switched off. No coffee yet, husband still AWL.

Grit said...

sharon, i have suggested a few local trips to Tiger. Dig is looking at his bank balance and clutching his chest already.

hi modern mother! i liked it...ish. i might do a review, but i am too brainsoaked in glums right now. i need clear thinking to think.

visually, rachel, it's a treat. and i wanted to walk amongst all those magic mushrooms too.

hi kelly! coffee. perhaps that is the answer.

kellyi said...

I think it is March that causes brain malfunction.

I said that in February too though.