Monday, 13 April 2009

But first, bank holiday Monday

Egg hunt at the local museum.
Shut up mother about the sodding rural history.
Screw the English shires.
Just find the ruddy egg markers and be quick about it.
Then we can scoff chocolate and go home.

Hurrah! We've been dying to do this all week!
Here is a big bunch of decorated hard boiled eggs ready for tea with the Hat.
She will have the egg dressed up as a tyrannosaurus rex.
That's the one I did. And it is miles better than that cakky chicken one by Squirrel.

My God! Don't forget mama to clear out The Cake lurking under the glass cake dome.
I mean it's not like you couldn't see it or anything.
And you damn well know we made this on March 5.
* Sloppy, mama, sloppy.

And mama forces us all to make thank you cards for the Hat
because we know she will turn up with a bucketload of chocolate and presents.
And what is wrong with Edvard Munch's The Scream?
He would have looked like that if he'd have seen The Cake.

*Trump this from anything you can find in your fridge, Jaywalker!


The Gossamer Woman said...

Just what is that lurking under the glass dome? It is steaming, it seems, but why? Did you burn it? Is it a very old fruitcake? I'm completely mystified.

Ruth said...

O M G ! I've thrown out the container with contents before but seriously, that thing wins the foul grey mould in the fridge title HANDS DOWN!

A Modern Mother said...

We dyed eggs while we were in California -- and ate every last one.

A Modern Mother said...

Forgot to say am highlighting your blog on mummy bloggers this week...

Grit said...

hi irene! in march it was a lemon cake, i think. and that stuff creeping out the top is 100% mould growth.

ruth, i am deeply proud to be the owner of a winner. to secure my title i might cook a victoria sponge today for release into the community in 2010.

hi modern mother! thank you for the highlight! i hope to continue posting on the adventures of the little grits as we move out of station...

Jaywalker said...

Nice Grit. Verrrry nice. It is a blow, perhaps a knockout blow. But I am not conceding defeat yet. There is the top shelf of the cupboard where moths keep flying from. Something bad is happening up there, I am sure of it.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

That "cake" was, quite possibly, the most horrendous thing I've ever seen that used to be food.

Did you torture it for information? Perhaps it threatened you?

How could you DO this to a helpless confection?

BTW, thanks for dropping by my blog previously! Also...triplets? Woo! You win! : )