Friday, 10 April 2009

How I know my little girl

One of the biggest worries I had at the beginning of the week was whether Tiger would use the bathroom at the farmhouse where she was staying.

That means both go to the toilet and wash.

I figured that if she didn't do the former, somewhere about Wednesday she would explode, so I would get a call. That didn't happen. I guess about Tuesday she pooped.

Then there was the washing thing. When we saw the accommodation up at the big house there was one bathroom with bath and shower for six girls. And a spider.

The moment I learned about that spider I knew that not one limb of Tiger's would go near those washing facilities unless she had received absolute assurances that there remained not one spidery particle in that room. Reassuring her it was gone - whether shuffled off due to imminent invasion of pre-teens or flat under a slipper - would not have been sufficient, such is her lack of trust in what adults tell her about spiders and all creepy crawlers. Yet serving up the spider's head on a platter would not have done either. It would have had the same impact on her peace of mind as the careless moment last year when I passed her a bedtime book called Bad Dreams.

But I reckoned that if she wasn't going to wash, it wouldn't kill her. Add the fact there is probably nothing Tiger would like so much in all the world as not washing. Taking her to heaven would be the idea of smelling of horse Daisy for an entire week.

And in fact that is exactly what happened. We pick her up today and I give her a big big squeeze and know she hasn't missed us much, maybe sometimes, when she wasn't trotting around a field on Daisy. I tell her she smells like a horse. She smiles proudly and says 'Mummy, I didn't wash all week. And there was a spider in the bathroom'.


Michelle said...


I have promised I'll pack a loaf of the wholemeal bread (without the flour dusting or the seeds hidden in) Clo likes and 5 packs of fig rolls as C is worried about not liking the food. Actually, she has a number of worries. That's just one of them. I figure she won't wash either (avoids it here so can't imagine she will when away) and a diet of water, bread and fig rolls for a week won't kill her.

Michelle said...

The fig rolls are something she likes and hopefully will aid one of her other worries about toileting ;-). Not that she knows this is my tactic as she might not eat them.

Rubberbacon said...

If you had ever wished for a boy... :)

Jonny's Mommy said...

I used to visit my grandmother's but dreaded going to her upstairs where there were always spiders. No one used the upstairs often and those suckers had taken residency in the bedrooms and bathroom. I found myself always looking over my shoulder and peeing quickly when I went into the bathroom. I don't blame your daughter, in other words!

The Gossamer Woman said...

I was very scared of spiders when I was her age, so I don't blame her at all. I wouldn't have washed either. Besides, what's there to wash for? Just another gritty sweaty horse? I love the smell of horse in the morning.

mamacrow said...

I miss the smell of horse. my ancient barbour still smells 'right' so I have to get that out every so often! Everyone else complains about it tho - philistines!

really glad she had a great time :)