Sunday, 19 April 2009

Were we smoking weed?

I wake up this morning and I feel totally relaxed. I wish I could say it was a night of passionate hot sex but it was not. It was the result of three hours of laughter with Ellie and Mr W who came by to share a curry with us from the local takeaway.

Aunty Dee ran up and down the stairs checking on the children who were bribed into silence with the boxed set of Dad's Army and twelve Tesco pancakes.

Now close to the bedroom upstairs is a small kitchen with coffee maker for morning coffee and microwave for late night heating of pancakes. Aunty Dee taught Shark to put three pancakes on a plate and punch in fifteen seconds.

So maybe next time I will duct tape the microwave door shut, because fifteen minutes for three pancakes resulted in an awful stench and a kitchen full of smoke.

Despite this, I remain relaxed.


Maire said...

Just sitting here laughing.

sharon said...

Not sure if charcoal pancakes have the same effect as weed but who knows....

Maybe it's the thought of a trip to foreign climes has given you a boost.

Brad said...

I fear a puffin or unicorn might be next in the microwave.