Sunday, 5 April 2009

When this day ended, I drank heavily

First we went to the Buddhist temple to say Happy Birthday Buddha. Don't count me as a Buddhist. I cannot chant and I hit spiders with shoes.

And I have no idea what this says. Probably Do not photograph this sign.

Then we rolled down hills. Strangely, Shark can only roll sideways.

We sniffed the blossom and I resolved to stop relying on this phone camera, because there is a limit to the quality of these photos. It's convenient though, in case I have to photograph our smashed up car again.

Then Shark, Squirrel and Tiger made daisy chains. I thank any deity available for the fact that their fingers are big enough to take on that duty.

And on the way back to the car, we hang a wish on the wishing tree. I have no idea what Squirrel is wishing for.

And finally the moment I have dreaded.

We leave Tiger at the stables for her boarding week. I feel so sad she isn't climbing straight back in this car to smack one sister round the face and kick the back of my seat. And I feel so glad that finally she feels ready to stay away from us all, and is so excited about cuddling her favourite horse, Daisy.

I hope Daisy knows how fortunate she is.


kellyi said...

I haven't got to this stage yet, but I am dreading it (and to be honest, your posts don't help.)

I worry she will be home sick/ picked on/ lonely/ miserable. When I voice these concerns to DH, he says she suffers most of these at home anyway, so why waste time worrying?

I will join you in the drinking - but only if we can add painkillers in to the mix. My head hurts. It was the door falling on it. Long story.

mamacrow said...

it's ok. you're only a short drive away right? so you can charge to the rescue if need be...

tho to be honest, if she's wall to wall horses... I think she's probably gonna be ok :)

u on the other hand..... lay the alcohol in sister :)

I can sympathise. Saurus went away to school camp in his last year at school - it was the begining of last year. He's very sensitive and INCREDABLY homesick - only been on a few sleepovers because he's generally ended up coming home at 2 in the morning. and it was a loooooong way away.

He was desparate to go. I quite literally had whole litters of kittens the entire week. He had a very good adult in his group that he knew, liked and trusted who nursed him through the first few nights then he had a ball... came back having never cleaned his teeth, put suncream on, changed his trousers or sent any of his preprepared postcards :::rolls eyes:::

he now seems pretty much cured of the homesickness.. has learnt it won't kill him I suppose!

Rubberbacon said...

speaking of, i've run out of alcohol, I'm on a strict budget this month. think I'll just go to bed early.

Grit said...

be reassured kelly, because i think absence is far worse for mother than child. after the first couple of nights i doubt Tiger will think of us much at all. whereas i shall be counting the seconds.

mamacrow, you are right about the short drive away - we deliberately chose it so we could rescue her if needed. i'm glad saurus got over his homesickness - is there any other means than to go away and come home again reassured that your folks are still there and haven't moved house while you were gone?

Grit said...

hi rubberbacon! bed sounds like a good alternative, so long as there is no kids in it already.

mamacrow said...

'is there any other means..'
speaking from personal experience - I also was a sufferer - no. i havn't found it anyway!